Business analytics cloud
Business Analytics

Analyticsa is a business-oriented platform that will provide metrics like CPA, CPC, CLV, ROI, CR and much more within seconds.

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Marketing Insight

Why use analytics if you don't get marketing insight automatically? Find out real metrics for each user, channel, campaign, and product. With Analyticsa, hassle-free.

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Easy to use

Our main goal was to create easy to setup and use platform that saves time and can be managed by anyone without any prior experience.

next-gen business analytics
Proprietary technology

Next-gen business analytics

Our proprietary technology truly offers a next-generation experience for small and medium businesses in the business-analytics field. With our platform, you do not need to analyze traffic data in order to get all important metrics by hand. Analyticsa does that for you. It gives you access to data like the cost of a customer to acquire, how much each user has spent, what are the ROI and much more presented on an easy to manage all-in-one dashboard. Analyticsa platform does it for each user, channel, campaign, and product. Automatically. Effortlessly.
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accurate data
Accurate data

Powerful marketing insight

Marketing insight with Analyticsa is totally effortless. All business metrics like cost per click, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, customer average spending, conversion rate or return on investments are automatically analyzed and generated for you! Analyticsa support every channel, offline or online, and all those metrics are created for each channel, each campaign, and each user or product. We also support channels that normally are hiding their origin like social media (Twitter or Facebook). We track each visitor up to 2 years, so you channel and metrics for the visitor.
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easy to use
User Interface

Easiest to use platform

Why would you lose hours of your time on something that can be done within seconds, effortlessly and automatically for you? Every day, every week, every month. We believe that simplified process can be as efficient as utterly complex and time-consuming. This is why our platform was designed and created with small and medium businesses in mind. We know that you do not have an hour every day to take data from other analytics tool, advertising platforms and then put everything into a spreadsheet and calculate metrics for yourself. Other leading analytics platforms are often missing important business metrics as they are data-focused instead of business-focused.
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How the Analyticsa works

Watch our short video explaining what Analyticsa can do for you.

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Supports every traffic channel
Business Metrics

Cost per click, acquisition, action, conversion, ROI and much more. Effortless. Automatic.

Easy to use

Analysis are done effortless, automatically by our system. Per each channel, campaign, and visitor. No more hassle.

Constant updates

We offer much more than just business analytics. We add a new feature every month and update platform every week.

Flexible affordable pricing

With our flexible pricing model, we offer extraordinary value, as the cost will be reimbursed in higher ROI of your marketing.

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Spend on online ads
Conversion rate
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Converted amount
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Uncoverted amount
Lost opportunities

Every year almost 97% of online ad spendings are lost due to unidentified opportunities. Let’s change that average with Analyticsa.


Few important questions

Easy to use

Simplified interface

Why would you use complicated and annoying interface, if all you need can be provided by a simplified interface that will provide all information that you need? We are proud creators of the easiest interface in the business analytics industry.


Analyticsa interface is very fast in daily usage. No more wasted time on unnecessary actions, just to get to business metrics.


Due to our proprieratry technology you will get most business metrics!


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