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Accurate business metrics based on your web & marketing insight


Accurate, automatic and beneficial

Business metrics are a vital to any business, with Analyticsa you can measure their performance and compare to industry standards and competitors and more importantly identify how to improve your marketing campaigns.

We understand that each business is unique and that’s why we enable businesses to measure their successes based on their own criteria. This provides businesses with easy to understand quantitative indicator to measure their performances which can easily be communicated to various groups such as managers or investors.

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1. Web Analytics

First, we have to gather web analytics, to do that, you integrate our tracking code with your website. Thanks to the proprietary web analytics technology, we were able to create unique tracking technology that enables new possibilities in measuring business metrics.

2. Marketing Insight

With our analytics technology, we can generate accurate marketing insight, that will not only tell you which campaigns and channels are working, but also will indicate which one won’t work too good for your in a current form.

3. Business Metrics

With web analytics and marketing insight, Analyticsa is able to generate best on the market business metrics, that are not only easy to share but also extremely accurate and useful at any business. No more time consuming, error-prone calculations, Analyticsa does it for you.


How the Analyticsa works

However, the best way to measure the successes of various activities such as sales and marketing campaigns is to determine your own goals as a business and see how well your achievement measure up to your expectations.

In this way you can track your budget, set your goals and measure your performance with easy to use tools that automatically collect and analyse the relevant information and convert them into easy to understand graphics and charts. This provides you as the leader of a business with a great opportunity to understand how well operations are doing in relation to one another, which simplifies the task of planning and improving on your operations to achieve the best results.

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